This is more than a typical exercise program, it is a Masterclass for your pelvic floor.

Hi! I’m Jenny. I’m a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and an expert in women’s health. I have spent years developing an exercise protocol that I teach my patients to help them rehabilitate their pelvic floors and eliminate pelvic floor dysfunction. My patients have nicknamed this protocol, “The Baby to Barbell Method”, because no matter what reason you have pelvic floor dysfunction, we can get you back to doing even the most advanced of activities without dysfunction. I have put this protocol, along with all of the tips and tricks that I give my patients, into this 5 step Master Course. This program will help you restore and reclaim your pelvic floor with exercise, whether you are 2 weeks postpartum, 20 years postpartum, going through menopause, or experiencing dysfunction due to a medical reason, this program can get you back to doing whatever activities you used to do!

The 5 stage program:

  • Stage 1: Pelvic Floor can move through range of motion. Learn to move pain free and reduce tone and irritation in the pelvis.
  • Stage 2: Pelvic Floor can be actively contracted. Start to strengthen the Pelvic Floor and engage the core muscles to increase general stability.
  • Stage 3: Pelvic Floor muscles can support basic daily function. Increase the strength of your pelvic floor to support you during everyday activities. Focus on core engagement and recruiting the right muscles to eliminate factors that can cause reduced stability, such as Diastasis Recti.
  • Stage 4: Pelvic floor muscles can support daily activity. Further increase dynamic pelvic floor strength for higher level of activity, such as squatting, lunging, and lifting without leaking or dysfunction.
  • Stage 5: Pelvic floor muscles can support high level activity. Increase pelvic floor strength to support the highest level of activity such as jumping, running, and sport specific activities.

Each stage of the program is self-paced and contains:

  • A 15-minute exercise video that is comprised exercises that targets the Pelvic Floor and ensures it moves properly to achieve the goals of that stage
  • A "how-to" video that teaches the main concepts of that stage, including how to complete the exercises properly
  • Advancement criteria that ensures you do not move on to the next stage until you have mastered the pelvic floor exercises of your current stage. Remember, progress is all about quality of pelvic floor movement.
  • EXPERT TIP: Many women try to strengthen their pelvic floor for years without any improvement. This is often because they are not completing good quality strengthening. It is all about quality, not quantity. That is why a key component of this program is teaching HOW to complete the exercises properly. This is also why the exercise programs are only 15 minutes. If the exercises are being performed at high quality, there is no need for hour-long programs!
  • Diagrams, graphics, tips, and tricks to support you through each stage of exercise.
  • Access to the program on multiple devices for 1 year.

Try it risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee!